Air Quality Testing

residential air quality testing ottawa

Air quality testing is the only way to identify if indeed there are microorganisms present in your home. It also identifies the types of microorganisms present and the amount of each type. At, we use the results of the air quality testing to identify the most effective plan of action to eliminate and protect your home from future mold contamination. We have been providing our clients with air quality testing since we started, and have had extremely favorable reactions from each and every of these clients.

How it works?

We take a sample of air from the area of your home that you are concerned about and send this sample to an accredited laboratory, which will conduct the air quality testing and send us the results. We will then analyze these results and send you a report that will list our recommendations for the next course of action. It is up to you to decide, based on your specific air quality testing results, how you want to proceed. Our mold inspectors and technicians are always ready and available to address your questions or concerns.

Mold (Mould) Assessment

In addition to air quality testing, offers mold (mould) assessment services to clients. This is a more general visual inspection of the area you believe to be affected by mold. Because mold is so small it is often not even detected by the naked eye, the main purpose of our mold inspections is to get an idea of your specific situation and to try and identify the possible source of the mold contamination. We will use this information later on in two ways:

  1. To plan the mold remediation project and determine the amount of prep work that needs to be done, and
  2. To provide you with a more accurate quote.

Our mold assessments are a way for our technicians to get acquainted with the technical side of your problem.